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Friday, 30 December 2011


Hogmanay 2011
So it's 3.15am on the 31st December 2011 and I'm still awake (god knows why) and reflecting on the past year. This time last year, i was completely oblivious as to what was coming. Had someone told me I would have fought and beat cancer in the next calendar year, i would have laughed in their face. It just seemed so unrealistic. Cancer was something you rarely heard of, knew nothing about and had annoying television adverts that make you feel bad..for 5 seconds before switching channels. Now, a year down the line i feel i'm a completely different person. Not only do i appreciate life and everything in it so much more, but i feel so much less selfish and a whole lot more selfless. Thinking about it, I've been ruddy good this year, if i say so myself. I've dived in head first and got on with it as best i possibly can and it's all paid off. Cannot even begin to imagine where I'd be had it not been for my family and nurses. (probably up there with the big guy if i'm perfectly honest)

So with a new year, comes a new start and new resolutions.
(although none of my Christmas predictions were right..awkward.)
1) get good highers
2) do a lot of charity work (LYNNE, COME AT ME BRO)
3) do one good deed every day
4) stay close to those who mean the most
5) figure out what i want in life

Usually, my resolutions are that of 'don't bite my nails.' or 'eat more green vegetables' but no, this year they're back with a vengeance; bigger and better than ever and i WILL, i repeat, will achieve them if it's the last thing i do.

Quoting my fave people of all time 'we've come so far, and we've reached so high and we've looked each day and night in the eye and we're still so young and we hoped for more' sorry, seemed very appropriate for this situation.

So imma forget about how crappy 2011 has been, and welcome in the new year with open arms and much optimism. 2012 LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT. Happy New Year folks x

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Celebrations

I'd like to start off my blog with the best bit of news that I've been given for a very long time; I'M IN REMISSION. Yes, ladies and gents, Laura is finally and officially in remission with no more active disease. This means, that I'm now free for five years, to see if my disease relapses, and if it doesn't, I'm 'cured'


  1. The cancellation of a debt, charge, or penalty.
  2. A diminution of the seriousness or intensity of disease or pain; a temporary recovery.

I was given this news (in a surprisingly casual conversation) on December 21st. Coincidentally, that night was the big night out for one of my girls' birthdays, so this was more cause for more celebrations. I physically cannot express in actions or words how relieved I am/was. Quite literally the best Christmas present i could ever have gotten. As they say 'the best presents are those with no cost' ..or something like that. And the words of my beautiful auntie "today is the first day of the rest of your life." And that's exactly how i see it; the opportunity to start over and get my life back into full swing. No better time to start than Christmas; the most wonderful time of the year.

So following that; I hope you all had the most amazing christmas surrounded by the amazing company that is your family. My mum and I paid a visit to Sick Kids Ward 2 on Christmas Eve to play the role of Santa. Unfortunately the ward is almost full and remained that way over Christmas Day. However, the 'real' Santa (obv not the real one because I saw him last weekend and he would've told me) paid them a visit and they all got lots of presents anyway.

It's been almost a week since we broke up from school, and I haven't even thought about prelim revision, so this is definitely a job for tomorrow. Been far too busy with Christmas Festivities. Why are prelims in January? give them to us in November so we can enjoy our Christmas holidays; only the most important holiday of them all in biblical terms. So I guess from now on it's solid work until May. spare me, please. Would quite like to fast forward to SUMMER please.

Anyway, happy holidays guys.

Monday, 19 December 2011

The Most Beautiful Time of Year

okay, so most of you know, but i was in LAPLAND. yes, as in Lapland, Santa's home. Every year, the Edinburgh charity FACE (Fighting Against Cancer in Edinburgh) take a group of children who've been battling cancer to Lapland for the day to take their minds off the sh!t they've gone through and to treat them. It was beyond exciting, especially as it was the first time I've been out of Scotland for 10 months; which is the longest I've ever ever not been on holiday. (my family are holiday fanatics) so I'll give you a bit of an insight, because i know you're all dying to know.

So at 5am on Sunday, i was rudely awoken by my father telling me we had to leave in 20 minutes. ..not helped by the fact I got to bed 3 hours earlier. SKITE-MARE. We went to Edinburgh airport to find our flight was delayed. At around 8.30 we eventually got on our plane headed to Kittila, in Finland. The plane was around three hours which was passed very slowly as the children were singing christmas songs through the inter-call. definitely not needed at such a disgusting hour.

When we arrived in Kittila, we were given thermal snowsuits and snow boots into which we changed and we were ready to go. We split into groups and got a 'motorised sledge ride' into the Lapland resort. (when i say motorised sledge, i very much mean a wooden box driven by a foreign woman on a snowmobile) however, it was extremely fun..for the first twenty minutes. By then i was sure i had at least one frost bite and couldn't feel my face in the -35 climate. Finally, after about forty five minutes of being numb, we arrived in Lapland where we were greeted by my new soon-to-be best friends; Santa's elves who handed over hot chocolate and took us into a cosy log-cabin with a fire.

After much debate about whether we should venture back out into the arctic, we left the log cabin and headed straight for the Huskies. There are no words to describe this. Riding in a husky-pulled-reindeer skin-sledge. wow. It was literally unreal. 10 small huskies pulling two of us around a course. Definitely something everyone should put on their bucket list.

We then struggled through the deep snow to the Reindeer rides. again, too amazing for words. Being pulled in, again, a reindeer fur sledge by reindeer. like..real reindeer! The little girl, Eve, i was with was telling me how the reindeer we had was Blitzen because (s)he is the fastest. But Rudolf was in the North Pole sleeping so she couldn't see him. she was close to tears whilst facing the fact she wasn't going to see Rudolf. bless her cotton socks.

As we were cold, we needed a huge adrenaline rush. so off to the snowmobiles we went. unreal fun. Whizzing around at 80mph on a bumpy snow track around a frozen lake. Snow flying in your eyes, not being able to see anything, getting frost bite, again. wow. adrenaline rush: check.

We were then a bit chilly (aka frozen numb) so decided to get into a mass snowball fight. Clever, huh? So we had a snowball fight and went sledging and then we literally couldn't move so waddled inside the 'resaurant' for some 'food' (note: inverted commas meaning it wasn't very edible) and had a wander around the far too over-priced shop.

After chilling for a bit we joined the queue for SANTA. whilst waiting, we had banter with the elves who taught us a dance and believes i was famous in the UK for singing and So we got to the front of the queue for Santa and got to go into his grotto. i kid you not, after that encounter, Santa is real. all you haters can believe what you like, but the man exists. He had a long white beard with long white hair, an oversized beer belly, and he knew everything about me. Officially a child again.

So that's a short summary of my Lapland experience. Please, if you've never been before, GO. you will regret it if you don't. such an unreal day, very surreal; it feels like it was a dream. SUCH huge thanks to John Maccauly and his team at FACE. AYYO.

So apart from Lapland, it's a very exciting time of year, i had my end-of-treatment diagnostic scans last Tuesday, had my sixteenth (woo so old ///) on Thursday, moved house on Friday, birthday dinner and Errington skite on Saturday, Lapland yesterday, Georgia's birthday skite on Wednesday and pupil entertainment and PANTO on Thursday before we break up for CHREEEESTMUUUUSSS. So, in the case of me not blogging until Sunday, i hope you all have an amazing Christmas. However, if you don't believe in Santa, it's simple, you won't.

Ho Ho Ho!