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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Radio GaGa

"Corner of mouth to tip of earlobe, 91, 35, 42" is the current tune stuck in my head like a broken record. This is the result of eleven daily sessions of radiotherapy. What this means, I have no idea. I'm lying on a 'bed' (bed? puh-lease. beds are comfy in my experience) naked with four radiographers hovering over me lining me up with red and green lasers. Anyway, I'm beyond pleased to say that Thursday was my official end of treatment and boyy you have no idea how good it feels to say that after over a year of feeling like sh*t.  

So apart from radio, I've had an interesting few weeks, hence why you've been left blogless. I got cysts inside my bones as a result of steroid withdrawal, i then got bad cramps in my left ribs which turns out to be shingles (juust what I need eh) so I spent 5 days in isolation, and not even in my own ward (no TCT = no big TV, no colour LED lights, no internet, no DVD player, no nice snacks etc etc) so as you can imagine, I wasn't happy. 5 days meant 4 cannulas, 15 bags of anti-virals and 20 bags of fluids. On top of all that, my gullet is burnt to a shrivel due to the radio so I'm unable to eat, drink or swallow comfortably pluss I've been very sick. So it's not a great time for baby lgibs. Buuuuut its almost the end, when my radio symptoms disappear I will be an (almost) normal being. I think anyone who'se got or has had cancer can agree with me when I say that once you've been diagnosed, 'normal' is a very unusual word that isn't used often. 

My parents and Lynne McNicoll have been my saviours this week by providing me with ice lollies, ice creams and amusement. There was an It's Good 2 Give fashion show meeting on Tuesday which I managed to convince my doctors to let me out for. So yes, 
It's Good 2 Give 
Fashion Show
Tom Fleming Centre 
(PAC) at SMC
November 6th 
from 4-6
£5 a ticket for an 
amazing cause. 
(just ask for a ticket 
and I'll get you one)

Please come, it's going to be amazing. Over 50 models all with some connection to cancer and some truly wicked hosts (yours truly, the infamous Grant Stott (baddie from the pantos/radio presenter) and a fellow patient Shannon.) 

So, now that I'm (as far as I'm aware) finished, let's hope it's all up and away from here. I'm so over being ill.

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