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Saturday, 10 March 2012


So it has officially been a year. On the 9th March 2011, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and on the 9th March 2012 I'm in remission. Crazy huh? I was ill, diagnosed, treated and I'm out the other end all in a calendar year. Far too surreal.

So, of course, because my best friend is a sentimental loser (in the most amazing way), we celebrated..and of course, with food and wine. Lily, who has been the biggest God-send of a friend this year, comes over, bearing gifts of the most sentimental kind; a bedazzled card and a poem. Yes, she wrote a poem about me last year. I read it. I cried. If you were to read it, you'd cry. But you're not going to read it, because it's mine.

Most people would spend the day mourning about how shit a time it's been and how glad they are that it's over. But because that's too mainstream for Lily, we celebrate the fact that I was one of the lucky ones, and that I survived. Yes, it's been a shit year, but at the same time it's been an amazing year. I've met the most amazing people, become closer to the most amazing people in my life and had some amazing experiences. And now that I'm over it, I've come back bouncing.

Anyway, in other news, my fave charity, It's Good 2 Give! had their first ever ball last week which was the biggest of successes. Raising around £20, 000 and leaving the Sheraton wine-less, it was one of the most amazing nights in Good2Give history. I strongly advise tickets to be bought for next year sooner rather than later as it's selling out fast. G2G WINNING.

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  1. Laura - you are a brave, well-grounded, intelligent and beautiful young lady! And, you are a wonderful writer. Keep hanging in there and continue with your sense of humor and good spirits. You are an inspiration! Sending you lots of hugs from Texas....Kim