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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sugar, We're Going Down


So diet has been a biig question mark since I was diagnosed. Being told what to and not to eat to make everything better. Being told no carry outs, then having the hospital order me a pizza. It's all been very confusing and contradictory. I've spoken to a few people this week about diet and, from experience, whats worked for them. Cutting down in some food groups, increasing intake of others, much of it is common sense, like healthy eating, moderation, water but the biggest piece of advice is on sugar. Sugar feeds cancer and can cause some cancers. So I've been told to cut sugar. LOLWUT!? Sugar is in everything. Literally, everything. Even these 'sugar-free' products have natural sugar in them. So I don't think cutting sugar out is humanely possible, but cutting down is definitely on the agenda. (good luck to me) I've also been told not too much dairy, dairy is bad. Also a maximum of five portions of meat per week and fish for the rest. Which is awkward because I gag at the smell/sight/taste of any seafood. So my diet shall be interesting over the next few months. But oh well, it's not going to kill me, right? Going all out healthy eating, we'll just see how long this lasts. Especially seeing as I just received an invite for a chinese on Saturday and have been craving a Nandos for about three weeks.

So I'm currently sitting on the ward waiting for the surgeons to come round and take me up to surgery. I was due at 8am this morning, second on the CPod list to get my port flipped as it's been misbehaving again and decided it doesn't want any more chemo so it'll turn around and then can't be accessed. My port hates me. It's now 1pm and we're still here, along with the other girls waiting to be taken. Seems to be the story of my life these days; waiting around. I came in yesterday for a simple blood test at 11.30 yesterday and didn't get home until 5. But it's always worse when you're being fasted. I was hoping to go back to school as well yesterday, but that obviously didn't happen. It's weird, I'm SO keen for school; haven't been since March 8th. Not as if we'll be doing any work..but still. Keen to get back into a routine and see my guurls. All my girls and I were reunited on Saturday for the first time in forever. Literally thee best thing. Saw all my favie people on Saturday, I was in my element. Had suuch a good time and just realised how lucky I am to have such amazing friends.


It was interesting though, speaking to some of them who I haven't seen since D-Day (diagnosis day) Some of them are so interested, literally wanting to know everything; what happens to me, how chemo works, what I do, does it hurt, are you ill etc. Which is exactly how I'd be, because I'm nosey. And others are kinda like..ew no don't wanna know, which is also fair enough. But with one person I spoke to, I realised how arrogant some people can be. I was on the verge of knocking them out. Some people are so caught up in their own lives, so self-centred and in a bubble with not a care in the world for anyone or anything else but their own well being and how they appear. It made me very angry to say the least.
 But nothing can get me down I'm now finished all the drugs for cycle three; we're half way ladies and gents. The light at the end of the tunnel is only getting brighter.

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