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Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Newest Best Enemy

I swear this is the fifth time I've done my nails today. They were orange, then coral, then grey with pink crackle, then nude with turquoise crackle and I'm now sitting wondering what to try next. I've also watched endless episodes of Come Dine With Me and Hannah Montana. May I introduce my new best enemy, Boredom. And yes, this is probably the fifth or sixth time I've mentioned Boredom in my blog, but I can't seem to get away from it. I'm only in hospital for 3 days a month at the moment, and people are still doing exams so no ones about and I have nothing, I repeat nothing to do, and therefore nothing to write about. Welcome to my more-than-boring life. Although, to my delight, exams finish this week so I'm in desperate hope that my friends will soon be out again, so I can slowly but surely re-kindle my 'social life.'
However I lost my 'Blingo' virginity last week. My mum took Chloe and I along to the Blingo which is basically a ladies dinner/bingo/fundraiser for It's Good 2 Give! To say I got into it would be beyond an understatement, never mind the fact I was having to do two cards. Unfortunately, no luck of winning. Happy to say though, that the wonderful Lynne McNicoll raised £15,000 for cancer-effected families and friends as well as the patients which is incredible. I was in hospital last week for scans and another bone marrow aspirates as well as chemo, which meant being in for 10 hours and TCT, again, was full, which means no TV/internet. So I suggested to my parents to get a dongle to relieve me from my boredom, and BAM there's a dongle in the ward the following morning from Lynne.

lookin' fllly going into surgery.
As I said, I was back in surgery this week which was my fifth time, I think. So five general anaesthetics, and this is the first one I couldn't remember falling asleep or waking up, which is frightening. One minute your watching the milky coloured liquid being injected into your canula and the next your waking up with nurses leaning over you and in quite a bit of pain. Creepy. As you can probably tell, I'm really struggling with things to write about..I also had more scans on Monday and Tuesday. So the MRIs, PETs and CTs were compared to the ones I got pre-treatment and it's all looking good. Well over 50% of my cancer has gone, but not the 95% aim which gives the all clear for no-radiotherapy. So after two cycles, I'm getting a lot better but will probably still need radio. But As long as it's all working, I'm happy. We got a leaflet through the door the other day about child symptoms for cancer; couple months late babes, but thanks for the heads up. Although the only symptom that matched me was the paleness and tiredness. Nothing else happened to me, and itchy feet wasn't included on the leaflet. So if any of y'all are finding yourself falling asleep whilst scratching your feet, get checked out. Haha, kidding of course. But thats what happened to me..'Hey Mr Doctor, I have itchy feet.' '..lets treat you for athletes foot, scabies, lets take, no clue whats wrong with you. Lets diagnose you with coeliac and ruin your food life for 10 days. Nah bbz your not coeliac, maybe you have chrones. NOPE, YOU HAVE CANCER.' That was my pre-diagnosis story.

So, please, I am begging you. If you have any ideas of what I could possibly write about/have any questions for me to answer, PLEASE let me know. My brain is mush, I have no life and I have nothing better to do.

PS, Rhys asked for a mention because he's 'the guy I love and he's sooo amazing it's unreal and I can't get him off my mind.' ..yeahh. ///

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