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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Chemo No More

I sit here, in my bed on the 23rd August 2011 and I can officially say I am no longer a chemotherapy patient. Yesterday, I indulged into my last ever chemo infusion for 5 hours, and when that beep went off with the pump reading 'INFUSION COMPLETE' it was, honestly, one of the happiest moments in my so far life. (I grabbed my iPod to snap a picture, but just as I was about to do so, my nurse came and turned the pump off- bit of a let down)

Things at the moment are good. I had my first meeting at the Western yesterday to discuss my radiotherapy, which is now only two weeks instead of three, and will start in two weeks, so overall finishing three weeks before expected. Which means, I have the entire October holidays to celebrate! The staff were lovely, seemed pretty reassuring until they got me to sign all the consent forms, agree to everything, read the terms and conditions and all the 'we cannot guarantee this will work' 'there is a small chance it will create a second cancer' malarky and then, after this, spring on me that it's most likely necessary to get 4 tattoos. (just small ones to line up the lasers..but 4 tattoos..for the sake of 11 hospital visits. crikey.)

Post-Radio Plans:
To give me something to look forward to, I've decided on a few things I'm going to do to celebrate right after my radiotherapy.

1) Get the double piercings I've waited for. -Due to having constant scans/surgeries and with the 'no metal' rule, I've not been able to get my double piercings as I'd have to take them out every so often, so it just hasn't worked. So I plan on getting my doubles done and most likely cartilage. (only like a year after I anticipated.)

2) Get Jack to buy me a Nandos. He's been going on forever about 'when is your finish date' 'when is everything over' so we can grab a celebratory Nandos, and now that I have an official date- September 26th, Creaders, you are very welcome to buy me the Nandos you promised me.

3) Go on a massive shopping spree. Because of the steroid weight, I've lived the past 4 months in baggy, disgusting clothes and I've refused to go shopping because it's just upsetting. So once all the steroid weight vanishes, I will treat myself to a new wardrobe, using the Bank of Mum and Dad obviously, c'maan I deserve it.

4) Have dinner and cocktails with my girls. ..yes, this is just an excuse to dress up and get my favourite girls together.

5) Eventually have a big 'I NO LONGER HAVE CANCER' party.

my two fave pens. mature fifth year, huh?
School also starts back tomorrow, which I am majorly excited for. I did the last of my school book shopping today so I am now all set with all new stationary, books, bags, uniform etc. Although I am requesting a day off on Friday because I have scans..normality? Not for me.

My mummy and I went school snack shopping today to Tesco, and the effort of wearing my hair to a small outing like this has never been necessary. As we got to the checkout, the checkout girl says to me "I love your short hair. I've always wanted hair like that but never been brave enough. ..also with winter coming up it may be quite cold. But you really suit it!" I. Was. Over. The. Moon. Thank you, kind checkout girl. Even if she was mocking me, as my brother seems to believe, my confidence has boosted. Although not quite enough to go commando back to school..

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  1. Congrats on being done with chemo! I hope you get your Nandos (I had to google it, to see what it was!), and everything else on your list :-)