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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

No Miracles Here

So I've started cycle six; my last cycle of chemotherapy which seems like a miracle. Like Jesus feeding so many people with so few fish, like Moses parting the Red Sea, like me getting an A in my maths exam..
ANYWAY, I currently have two more infusions, but like 10 more days of steroids. (I've so far had 2 infusions on this cycle, but managed to use 5 cannulas and like 7 litres of hydration as the chemo is beyond painful going into such a small vein)
So this is like the end of an era, like when the credits roll on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, when Take That announced they're splitting up, the carnage and rioting that's quite sad really (okay, well not really. genuinely haven't been this excited in a long time. but you catch my drift..or maybe not)
ANYWAY (again). With my chemo coming to an end, we need to look into the future, so I have my meeting at the Radiotherapy centre on Tuesday. There, I'll be told what's going to happen and what I'm to expect, to be honest, not sure if I want to know..

I then plan on returning to the place I like to call school on Wednesday to crack on with 4 highers (I was told to only do 3, but since I got an A in maths y'know..) and I plan to go back full time. Seeing as I haven't been in school longer than three hours since February..I think I'm underestimating how difficult I'll find it. Although, on the bright side, I have free periods as the majority of my year take 5 highers, so one of the beds in matron has my name on it for 5 hours a week. I'm weirdly excited, but the novelty of it will wear off after the first couple of days and I'll just be longing for summer again. However, I'm excited to use my new stationary, the majority of which is from the Disney store. Classic Lgibz.

The biggest piece of advice I've been given about finishing treatment, is have things to look forward to. So I'm already organising my summer holidays for next year where I plan on going to T in the Park, Portugal, France, Majorca, London, hopefully Gibraltar and Ibiza. I also have my wish to decide for The Make a Wish Foundation, co-hosting the It's Good2Give fashion show along with Grant Stott and a fellow patient and of course, my general end of treatment celebrations.

Last Tuesday, Lynne had organised for myself and seven other people to go to a silver ring making workshop where we got the chance to make a silver ring with a scottish stone. The lovely Ian who runs the Precious Metals workshop guided us through step-by-step. With each of us being complete amateurs (unless you count making pasta jewellery as experience) parts became stressful and proved to be more difficult that Ian made it look.  Of course, the fact that we started at 10am meant mine, if not everyone else’s brains weren’t quite fully functioning. We worked solidly from 10am to 6pm with an hour lunch break in the middle, and I think it's very safe to say we were all proud of the outcome. Of course, my mum’s was not quite as good as mine, in fact, no ones was (kidding, obv, that's just mean)

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