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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'The Aftermath' ..apparantly.

So Alexa was asking my why i don't blog much anymore and the honest reason is that I simply have nothing to blog about right now. Life is currently as normal as it has been for a looong time. I'm doing full time at school, actually working (yes, don't fall off your seats), i've not been in hospital for over three weeks. Just keeping myself busy really.

I wouldn't exactly call this stage in time 'the aftermath' because who knows whats to come. I get my diagnostic scans in December, and if I get the all-clear I will officially be in a 5 year state of remission. Once that is over, then I will be in the aftermath. The aftermath of what has been the ultimate worst time in my life, which I would never wish upon even my worst enemy. No one deserves to go through what I've been through and what a lot of other people I've gotten to know are going through, it is quite literally the worst thing. When you're not affected by it in some way, it's generally oblivious to you. But when you experience it and how some people's lives are everyday, you simply need to do something about it. Before this year, I had never thought about it. I didn't even know what Cancer was. To me it was just a scary word that ultimately ended in death but I was soon to realise there's so much more to it than that.

This is why I've decided to become a lot more involved. I've joined our school's charities committee, which, ironically, this year are focussing on Teenage Cancer Trust and CCLASP (who recently got a large donation from the Secret Millionaire) I've also decided to try and get some girls together to do the Half Moon Walk in summer and I am doing the Race for Life (which I have always wanted to do but have always simply been too lazy). I have also been getting involved with my current fave charity It's Good 2 Give and am co-hosting their annual fashion show this Sunday. It's not that it took me suffering to get over the ignorance of ignoring charities like this, it's just that I was blissfully unaware of it and didn't really think about it nor did I want to. 

So yeah, if you're ever looking for a charity to donate your bake sale money to or to fundraise for regardless. I'd highly recommend the charities I've mentioned here as well as Love Oliver. A charity set up after a 24 week old boy passed away last Christmas Day from a chronic cancer condition. After being subject to these charities and experiencing what they do and how much of a difference they make, i have realised in the increasing extent of the needs for these charities.

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  1. You are an inspiration and I'm so glad that you are being able to get on with your life. I've followed your blog from the start and I think you are an amazing person. XxxX