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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas is Coming

So, being the last post i'll do before December (which is on Thursday. advent calendars HOLLA), I'd like to take the chance to make some Christmas predictions
1) there will be snow. lots of snow.
2) Misha B will win XFactor.
3) ..or Amelia Lily (hopefully)
4) .. possibly Marcus.
5) one of the above will be Christmas number one.
6) I will leave my Christmas shopping until very last minute.
7) There will be at least 3 snow days.
8) Despite being forbidden, we will sledge down the MES hill.
9) I will accumulate a cold/flu/chest infection.
10) Christmas will be AMAZING.

Although, despite making my Christmas playlist, I've had Rihanna and One Direction on repeat all week. WHAT IS THIS?! Muust get my Christmas spirit up to scratch. Feeling v unchristmassy.

BTWz. thought you'd all like to know that we raised £4000 for Teenage Cancer Trust last weekend at our MES FPs Christmas Fair. EYYYY. #winning

Would also like to take this opportunity to point out my huge respect for Alice Pyne. Alice is a 15 year old girl, (who has the same birthday as me AYYO) with the same cancer as myself, although hers is terminal. She has a Bucket List Blog which is a crazy good read. She's currently trying to re-trend worldwide on twitter with #alicebucketlist so y'all should tweet it, by doing this, you'll be joining the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Katy Perry and the rest by helping her. well jeal.

Weell, happy December everyone.

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