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Monday, 7 November 2011

New Found Love

Yesterday, 6th November 2011 was the It's Good 2 Give annual fashion show. Having been sitting in the audience last year thinking 'what a shame on these guys, having to go through such shit' was my time to shine. Never would I have thought I'd have a reason to participate except from being a friend of Lynne's. But there I was, after months of organising, planning, sharing ideas (not so much on my behalf. most uncreative little squirrel over here) and looking forward to it, I soon enough found myself side by side with Shannon, being introduced by Grant Stott.

How did I get myself into hosting? Well..Lynne tried to bully me into modelling, and knowing I had aaall my steroid weight to come, i barely left the house never mind wanted to strut my 'stuff' on a catwalk infront of 500 people. But I knew I wasn't getting out of it so, for some reason, must have been spur of the moment, I agreed to co-host with Shannon MacKenzie and Grant Stott. The thing that was worrying me, however, was the fact i wasn't at all nervous. Despite the only public speaking I've ever done in my life is the odd 'About Me' presentation to my class in primary school. [cue sexy photo of me pouting] Anyway, I thought 'och, I'll be fine, we'll have a script, i'll learn it.' WEEEELL, this wasn't quite the case. No more than an hour before we were due on stage, we were handed cue cards and barely had a chance to read over them. But of course, Mr Panto Baddie/radio presenter Grant Stott kept us right. Hosting really is my new found love and I desperately want to do something like that again.

I can honestly say I haven't experienced such thrills in a long, long, long time. It was the most fun I've had in I'd say years. It was an incredible show, the models, each with a reason to model (patients, siblings, parents, nurses etc) were incredible. Ranging from baby Skye ages three to Lady Province in her seventies. It was a night I will never forget and I very much look forward to next year. Only someone as special as Lynne could have pulled it off. Honestly, if you haven't met Lynne, go to her house with flowers and chocolates. Amazing.

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