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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Don't Lick The Rabbit

I've been given so many 'do's and don't's' (is that how you write it?) in the past month it's hard to remember all of them, but they're mostly 'if you can avoid it' so really, i can. But the one 'absolute no' i've been given is not to lick my rabbit or my brothers. I kid you not. The conversation with the nurse actually included the sentence 'Just don't lick your rabbit.' I suppose its general hygiene and she works in a children's hospital but  still..licking a rabbit..I'll pass. Although my rabbit is cool. She just kinda hops around the house and gets your attention by nudging your ankle with her nose..or climbing all over you whilst your watching TV. But she is amazing. This is MJ by the way, I don't know why..I think because of Mary-Jane in Spiderman. My little brother named her. She thinks she's a dog. Standard rabbit activity, huh?

Being treated in a children's hospital is fun. My mum had to make the decision on the phone between Sick Kids and the Western so she chose Sick Kids, which was the best decision. There are major benefits like; I had a Bone Marrow sample under general anasthetic, but in the Western I would have been awake (which I'm told is almost not worth living for, its that painful) and whilst i get Chemo i get three different anti-sickness drugs, which i wouldn't get at the Western. But there's other benefits like..all the rooms and wards are decorated with Disney characters, Ward 2 (Oncology and Haemotology (where I am)) had an 'underwater' theme which is beyond exciting. Even some of the windows have creatures on them.

The one thing though, that reaaally gets to me, is the fact that the doctors and nurses think I'm too old to want a sticker after an x-ray or a certificate after being in theatre. In the space of two days, I had two MRI scans, 4 CT scans, 8 X-Rays and a PET scan and did I get a sticker? No. My mum actually had to ask for a sticker for me on the last x-ray. I was then in theatre twice and only got a certificate the first time. Then a girl who was only one year younger than me (although she looked, and acted about 7) got a sticker for simply chatting to the dentist, I CHATTED TO THE DENTIST TOO. There was one day though, I was in the main ward in surgery and a nurse came round with her arms full of 'Grumpy' teddies from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves that were donated by Disney. She went round offering them to all the kids in the ward, and I was thinking 'I swear, if she doesn't offer me one...' but luckily she did. Grumpy now comes to hospital with me every time I stay over.

Basically the moral of the post, is I am a child at heart. Oh..and don't lick your pets.


  1. These blogs are amazing Laura! Like are actually making me laugh so much and have a maaaasive smile on my face :) You are insanely brave it's craaazy! And I agree, if my dentist doesn't give me a stick I am rajjing for about the next 3 days! :) xxxxx

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  3. Never apologise for being a child at heart, Laura. I wish I got more stickers for doing hard things and I'm quite a bit older than you!

    And keep working on this blog. You are a very good writer - funny, wise and what you write is insightful and moving. I think you've just found your career in life!

    With love and a big hug from Rebecca and Emma's Auntie,