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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Every Day Like The Last

The theatre; how exciting. Well, not really..sorry.
Days in hospital seem to follow the same routine. Arrive/wake up. Wait. Wait some more. See a doctor. Wait. Get whatever treatment I'm due. WAIT WAIT WAIT. The worst day was yesterday. I was due to get a new line in, which means I'd be in surgery. Surgery means fasting from midnight the night before. After an entire day of waiting and being told I may not even get seen at all, I was taken at 8. 27 hours of fasting. It was painful. I could honestly, never in one million years be anorexic. It makes you so angry and short tempered and lethargic not being able to eat or drink. Absolute nightmare. Every time my door opened I'd catch sight of the 'Nil by Mouth' sign and just WANT food even more. Meal times stank out the hospital of food. FOOD FOOD FOOD. I eventually got back from surgery at 11pm so all I ate yesterday was toast. Safe to say I enjoyed my food today though.
There's only so much daytime TV you can watch, only so much facebook you can be kept amused with, it's just SO boring. Sleeping seems to play a large part in my life though, even just sitting doing nothing is absolutely shattering. Waiting, and moaning about waiting just kills. When someone knocks on my door, I actually get excited in case it's someone exciting (which, really is a lot to expect, it's usually someone just looking for my folder) So if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep amused in boring times, they'd be highly appreciated!

This just sort of sums it up, my facial expression- bored. the general look of things- boring. Don't get me wrong, it's fine, but you get to the end of the day, and realise that you haven't done or achieved anything all day and only actually left your bed to go to the toilet and back. Which sums up my day today perfectly. One of the times i ventured to the toilet, I noticed that my hair/fluff is growing. It's GROWING. It's meant to fall out, so I'm going to have to get Tony the lovely nurse to run the clippers through it again. When I came home and my dad told my brother he was getting his hair cut tomorrow, and I say "ooh so am i! Tony's gonna do it, it's getting too long" both my brother's and dad burst into hysterical laughter that I think my hair is too long. But it is! It's amazing how quickly you get used to seeing yourself bald. Or nearing-bald as I am. But I constantly find myself stroking my head. It's so comforting and soft. Like a fluffy baby duck. Which brings me to my next point, I have a blog written out in my head, about the whole hair thing and how it all happens. Which would really require uploading a photo of myself bald. But I am NO WAY ballsy enough unleash bald Gibson to public peepers. So it'll have to wait really. So for now, strictly all photos avec hair.
See, hair (:

Everytime a nurse/doctor/consultant sees you before or after a weekend, they'll ask you if you did/are doing anything exciting at the weekend. So of course I could answer that with a yes, for the first time today by telling them about my zoo experience and getting in the papers etc from last weekend. And that i have one of my girl's eighteenth's tomorrow followed by the Royal Wedding on Friday and hopefully something mildly amusing for the weekend. But this is all planned around my hospital times. Which is such a 'mare. I'm in over the weekend. THE WEEKEND. Time of rest. No? Okay, looks like I'm on chemo over the weekend. So unfair. HELLO, I'M FIFTEEN. IT MAY NOT SEEM LIKE IT BUT I DO HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE. Well, not so much anymore, actually not at all anymore. It's even got to the stage where I've stopped getting invited places because everyone just presumes I won't be able to go, which hurts. Even if I couldn't go, which i maybe could, it's still nice to be invited, so you know people haven't forgotten about you and they still want your presence. ..Obviously not. Awkk. But still. I don't wanna be stuck in hospital. So make the most of your lives people, appreciate your freedom, and your friends and your nights out. Because now, and for the next nine months I shall be deprived of such and spend a lot, too much time looking through you're photos and longing to have a normal life. As sad as that sounds..

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