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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Life in Bed.

Breakfast in bed kind of loses it's wonderful glory when, in hospital, you get breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed..and everything in between. It's lucky I get a long bed in my room, in the main ward I'm like Goldy Locks in Baby Bear's bed with my feet hanging off the edge. The nurses find it hilarious. I guess that's what I get for being treated in Sick Kids. I guess I'm either no longer a kid or just too tall to be a kid.

More Downsides to Kids Wards:
Of course there's the screaming, moaning, crying kids all day everywhere.
Kids staring at you because you're too old.
The constant blaring CBeebies programmes.
Having to see young kids on drips (so sad, they're so brave)
Meal times. Lunch at 12 and dinner at 5, no thanks.

And Some More Upsides:
2:30 snack time HOLLA.
As bad as it is, the kiddies food.
The complimentary colouring books and various other toys.
The stickers after scans (when you get them- rarely in my case)
The massage and relax therapy nurse.
I get into TCT which makes all the difference.

Although, with the TCT Unit, there's only two rooms, and obviously more than two teenagers with cancer who are treated here, so things get a little awkward. Like last week I had to spend two days in a room on the main ward because both rooms were full, which wasn't too bad but didn't quite match TCT. Then yesterday, I was told I'd need to stay in for a while because I have an infection in my portacath (which is basically a plastic port underneath my skin on my right hand side with a line going straight into my central vein- it's basically instead of them having to stick a needle into me every time they give me chemo.) So one guy who was in TCT got chucked out into the main ward (but he's only 12 so I get priority MATE) Oh my..if looks could kill.

This is the view from my bed yesterday. Pretty isn't it, with the treasure chest and other various wall decor. Then there's the treatment room to the left which is basically where you get your grippers (the needles and tubes that go into your portacath) put in/some chemo too.

On another note, I'm completely up to date with the life of the Kardashian clan and I plan to teach myself the Party Rock Anthem shuffle in the near future. You really are limited to what you can do when stuck in hospital for any length of time. I often find myself just sitting. Like, literally just sitting on my bed staring into space with a completely blank mind. It's quite sad really. Although my mum sits with me for the majority of the day so we have our fair share of bantre. She has this basketball game on her phone which has become a recent addiction, the look of concentration on her face is honestly priceless.

I also have consultants who fight over me. Honestly it's brilliant. Most patients only have one consultant but I get two. Simply because one (AE) likes dealing with teenagers and Lymphoma and then there's the other (HW) who is the head of Lymphoma in Europe and he also has an interest in teen fertility, making me the perfect patient for both. So they both deal with my case. It's funny though because there's a whiteboard in the ward saying who's in the ward and where they are, and who their consultant is. So yesterday it was AE and then after HW came in to chat to us, it miraculously changed to HW. So mum and I have a suspicion that whenever it's up as HW, AE will come along, rub it out, and write AE next to my name, so then when HW sees its up as AE, he'll change it to HW. SNEAKY. They're both absolutely lovely though so I'm quite happy.

This is yet another blog post that no one will take any interest in. If there's anything that you want to know/want me to write about please let me know, my imagination doesn't stretch as far as my tumours do.


  1. Hey laura :)

    Im Kayley and im fifteen just like you and until i read this i never realised how much your life is so important.. your blogs are so inspirational to me and many others out there that might be reading as we speak :) You are such a strong person while going through this.. you stay strong and whenever i read your blogs it always seems like your happy. I know this can be depressing but the key is to stay strong and keep smiling which you have already mastered.. if i seen you right know you wouldnt know how big a hug i would give you :P seems stalkerish but your such a sweetheart <3 (next bit is on the next comment)

  2. i have read all three of your blogs and i love the little pictures you add into them .. these blogs are so heart filled its unreal :) im a normal fifteen year old and i dont wanna seem stalkerish .. lol :) but the thing i have learnt on trying to take my mind of something is to listen to music.. it takes me to another place and lets me forget about everything :) and you get to listen to some good beats .. lol :D anyway as im blabing away ill just stop here :P anyway if your every wanting to chat just comment email me or comment :) i would love to get to know and chat with you .. and see you along your journey.. it would be like having a pen pal :P anyway keep smiling darlin' and keep blogging :D kayley <3:)

  3. Hello Laura, just to say we are all reading your blog (cos H doesn't speak to us) so do not worry ! I thought the bunny blog was brilliant, so cute.You definitely need to hang on to the long bed (hold tight with both hands if they try to get you off), Richard says he recommends Angry Birds for your Mum ! He's a kid at heart too. Love and hugs , Teresa

  4. Hey Teresa and Richard! aw thank you so much! haha i definately will, not keen to sleep on a small bed! tell Hannah to stop being so moody and make sure she's nice to you! Love and hugs back xoxo

    Hey Kayleigh (one of my nurses is called Kayleigh)
    thank you so much! your so sweet! if you want to email me your very welcome, my address is your comments were lovely, really appreciate them! much love xox

  5. Am so proud of you Laura. You are so positive in fighting this.
    Keep smiling
    love you loads
    Gail (and Zak) xx

  6. Hey laura, its zoe, I see my parents have already commented you.. cringe but cute. Your blog is funny and I love being able to know that your still sane and still the same laura.. so maybe not so sane. Missing seeing you round here, hope you get the TCT the most out of anyone. Love and kisses xxxxx

  7. Love you as always Loz <3333333333333333333

  8. Hey Laura,

    Yeah i will email you and we can at least chat and get to know eachother. Thank you :) it just came from the heart and you need it just now :) your such a brave wee cutie. Ill email you as soon as i can. much love to you aswell xoxo

  9. Hi Laura, not sure if you will even remember me from a very long time ago but I thought I would say hi and tell you that your blog is amazing - keep it up. I am also wishing you all the best for the future. I do always ask your mum and dad how you are if I see/speak to them and I have thought about you and your brothers lots over the years so I was so sad to hear about what was going on. Stay strong and keep up the good work with the blog, I am sure it will inspire those in the same situation and will touch everyones heart. Lots of love and positivity, Ann xoxo