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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Festivities

(a day late buut..) Happy Royal Wedding Day! 

So my wedding festivities began with my guurl Becki's eighteenth. Tiaras all round, mine was the best though, it flashed. And came with matching clip on earrings. So after finishing chemo on Thursday at five, we rushed home, got ready, ate and hopped out the door to get 'ridiculously L' with Becki and co. After a wonderful night, with many Royal messes, (I shall not name and shame, but you know who you are) everyone headed out in their horse-ridden carriages ( cabs) to Po Na Naaaa. (unfortunately this was no option for me as 1) i cannot drink and 2) there's too many people and therefore it's too likely I'll catch an infection. BLEH.) So we stayed behind to help tidy up for a bit and headed home ourselves. So I must say, it was a spectacular beginning to the Royal weekend.

So, of course back to usual life, up and in hospital for chemo at 11.30,  greeted at the ward door by a nurse in a fascinator, then to find all the nurses were wearing fascinators or tiaras, was very disappointed at how underdressed I was and by the fact I didn't bring my flashing tara. And instead of the beds in daycare, they set up rows of seating in front of the TV with a tea party table underneath. So there we sat and witnessed the beautifully dressed Kate Middleton wed to the uglier heir William. Unfortunate, huh? (Harry and my wedding will be on it's way, don't you worry) Finally, I got moved to TCT after two hours of chemo-less, pointless waiting, we got some peace an continued to watch the remains of the wedding. It may not have been the most perfect day, as whilst everyone was dressed up at Royal Wedding parties, I was in comfies and a hoodie in bed, but still, one to remember of course! It also gave my brother the house to himself to do goodness knows what but certainly make a royal mess. So of course, in every newspaper today the front page has the picture of the kiss. Full on prince and princess kiss, one you dream of when you're a little girl. way to make the rest us feel bad.

Anyway, back to real life. I then watched Wallace and Gromit and part of Shrek. Standard Friday night in the Gibson world. It's unreal the amount of hidden sexual innuendo's in kids's films. When we were young and innocent watching them, our parent's must have been laughing to themselves, whilst we have no idea why and what at. So cheeky! They're hidden everywhere and in every Disney/Pixar etc film! So, continuing my THRILLING evening, I then had the remains of my brother's and his friends' BBQ for dinner whilst a friend of mine had a three course meal, with three menu choices, proper restaurant-esque. I was extremely jealous to say the very least! Lying in bed wishing it was the night before, or wishing I was out at some festive Wedding street party, or something. But no, standard night in with food and movies, drowning my sorrows. (hahahahahah)

And this pretty much brings me to now, lying in bed-surprise surprise- hooked up to my drip, with that annoying clicking sound. Which has now got that stupid Harry Potter puppet pals show stuck in my head. You know the one..'Snape Snape Severous Snape, DUMBLEDOOR, Ron Ron Ron Weasley, Hermione, Harrypotter Harrypotter.. Yes, you know where I'm going with this, it's driving me insane. Lying, listening to this clicking, ticking and flowing machine attached to tubes inside me whilst the sun blares through the windows and makes the room unbearably hot (cue for sympathy) Without a word of a lie i would 100% rather be outside revising for exams with my iPod. But firstly, I'm only sitting one exam, secondly, I hate revising and thirdly, in my current condition, going outside in any non-rain/sleet/snow weathering requires me to wear factor fifty and a sunhat, most likely sitting in shade or under an umbrella. Just another one of my endless precautions to keep myself as healthy and well as humanely possible. So basically I feel very much like an inmate at the state prison. Although the hospital is a lot more welcoming and comforting, probably with better food, nicer people, less violence. But you catch my drift, yeah ? (awkward how I just typed 'drip' instead of 'drift' See, chemo brainwashes you, all you think about is your various drugs and hospital-related subjects.) Basically, my life would be easier if I floated around in a bubble, unable to catch infections and safe from anything the sun.

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