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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hopping Mad Easter Bantre

So today, after being stuck in the hospital for an entire week, I had plans to go to the Zoo. I was absolutely buzzing, haven't been properly since childhood (I went last May with my French exchange but we were too involved in our banter to pay any attention to the animals!) So after making a joke to my dad the other day about him buying a bunny onesie and delivering eggs to all the neighbours for Easter, his partner and him bought me and his partner's girls the bunny onesies as an Easter gift. (they are BRILL!) My brother also got a kiddies duck/spring chicken hooded blanket. We decided it would be an absolute hilarity to wear them to the Zoo (despite the pouring rain) So off we hopped on our Easter adventure. Arrived at the Zoo and went to the ticket desk where the Zoo manager approached us saying that we weren't allowed in due to our inappropriate attire that would scare and upset the animals and cause them 'psychological damage' OH PUH-LEASE. There's people with face paint and masks and we weren't allowed in wearing bunny costumes which were pretty plain in grey and white! So we headed along to Lazerquest hoping to have a wee shoot, but they were full. So we hopped back home where we ended up getting phone calls and e-mails from various news sites and newspapers. You can check it out here: 
So I've had a pretty interesting day, the excitement actually beat going to the Zoo anyway. YEAH IN YO' ANIMALLY FACES.  ...guess the Zoo aren't keen on licking rabbits either.

Anyway, two days free from hospital in the comfort of my own home are good no matter what. Normal meal times (last night's dinner consisted of a take away Indian at 9pm, with home cooked rice, because I'm not allowed to eat reheated food due to the risk of germs), my own bed with a duvet, and the space. It's odd, but you actually miss just walking from room to room. I also had a preeetty good shower this morning. Although I had no idea what to do. I have no hair (well, not enough to wash) and soap irritates my newly sensitive skin. So I just sort of had to stand under the water. Nevertheless, it was relaxing! And as lovely as my nurses are, it's such a relief to be left alone and not have people come and disturb you to do your ob's every half hour or ask what you wanted off the trolly or hook you up to infusions. It may only be two days, but you need to learn to make the most of every day when you're in my position. Honestly, you begin to appreciate everything and you miss the smallest and oddest things (obviously as well as the obvious things) Examples include: being able to go out, even just down to the shops, without the risk of catching an infection, having a social life of any kind (unless my neutrafills are up), generally going out and wearing proper clothes and school. Yes, I admit it, I miss school.

Speaking of school. My school has decided to do breakfast before the first lesson of the day. Just as I become unable to go to school BAM there's bacon rolls and hot chocolate before lessons. Very VERY gutted I'm missing this. So I told my mum, and she made me a bacon sandwich the next morning in hospital, honestly, this is SUCH a treat after constant toast or Weetabix for breakfast day after day. It's not so much the school work I miss though, it's seeing my friends every day. I literally have thee most amazing girls at school and there are no words to describe how much I miss them every single day, having such fun at breaks and lunch times, honestly, if anyone else was there they'd call the nearest mental institution! I do see them though, but going from seeing them every day to seeing them once every week or two, it's seriously hard. So this is a shout out to my girliess, you know who you are ladiezz. I love youuuu klassy ladiez. 

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